Why Concierge Medicine Might Be Right for You

Why Concierge Medicine Might Be Right for You

If you’re an athlete who needs support from an orthopedic practice, a patient with a chronic musculoskeletal condition that sometimes can’t wait, or simply someone who wants priority service when it comes to your health, concierge medicine may be the best medical service option that meets your individual needs. Urgently Ortho in Scottsdale, Arizona, now offers concierge medicine as a way to further personalize your medical treatment. 

How does concierge medicine differ from regular visits to the doctor? 

You’re familiar with the job of a concierge at a hotel. The concierge facilitates your visit by making reservations for you and simply making your busy life easier. 

Have you experienced frustration at having to wait for two or three days to see a doctor before you can get an appointment? Perhaps you’re new to the area; did you know that you’ll wait an average of almost one month to get an appointment with a new primary care doctor if you live in a metropolitan area? 

You know doctors are rushed. A doctor in a large urban area often sees up to 40 patients a day. One in four doctors spends less than 12 minutes with a patient. Are you satisfied with this little time afforded to you and your health? 

Concierge medicine helps you avoid delays in getting doctor appointments and test results. It relieves administrative stress in dealing with physical issues. It’s appealing to a greater number of people. You’ll pay a monthly or annual fee or a retainer for concierge service with Urgently Ortho. In return, you’ll receive personalized care and a higher level of communication with your doctor. 

What benefits does concierge medicine include? 

Concierge medicine includes the following benefits: 

Increased doctor access and doctor-patient communication 

With concierge care, you have access to medical attention seven days of the week. You no longer have to wait interminably over the weekend to get in touch. 

Same day office visits with little to no wait time

You receive top priority for same-day office visits. If you need to be seen in the morning, you won’t have to wait until the afternoon. If you have a major medical issue, your doctor coordinates hospital care. If you have a medical condition that necessitates frequent office visits, concierge care might even be more cost-effective than using insurance, although you’ll still need insurance for hospital visits. 

Longer doctor visits 

You’ll no longer have that rushed feeling when you speak to your doctor. You have adequate time to convey your concerns, ask all of your questions, and hear what the doctor says. 

Phone line preference 

You’re given special access to the doctor’s telephone line and receive calls back quickly rather than within the typical 24 hours. There’s no more waiting on pins and needles for many hours on end. 


Modern technology is dramatically changing how the patient and the medical practice communicate, offering more avenues and convenient options. You have access to your doctor via telemedicine from the convenience of your home if you’re working remotely or caring for others, or from wherever you are if you’re out of town on business or vacation. 

Comprehensive annual physical exam 

Your exam is in-depth, looking at every aspect of your health. Your doctor has time to thoroughly explain your results and any follow-up treatment necessary. 

Easier prescription renewal and expedited test results

Have you had hassles with the drugstore in filling prescriptions? Our practice eases the path. In addition, you’ll have expedited testing and test results with concierge care. 

Call or message Urgently Ortho today to explore how concierge care might be the right option for handling your medical needs.

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