The Difference Concierge Medicine Can Make

The Difference Concierge Medicine Can Make

Do you often feel rushed during doctor’s visits? You may have forgotten to ask all the questions you thought about and now have no answers.  

Have you ever sat for more than an hour waiting for your appointment? The doctor shortage is growing, and predictions are that it will intensify in the coming decade. Your doctor is likely under pressure to limit the amount of time per patient. You’re on the receiving end. 

Did you know that in many urban areas, doctors see 40 patients a day for a maximum of 15 minutes each, and often less? If you move, you’ll likely have a wait of several weeks, if not months, for a physician to have an opening for a new patient. You’re looking for something different. 

You’d like to have more time with your doctor. Now you can make that a reality when you select the concierge medicine option at Urgently Ortho in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

What is concierge medicine?  

With concierge care, you pay a monthly retainer or one annual fee to your doctor. Your physician also accepts your regular insurance. For the extra premium you pay, you receive premium service. 

Why is concierge medicine a popular health care option? 

You’re now used to personalization in many aspects of life. Using artificial intelligence, companies know your likes and dislikes; consequently, you receive information that may be of interest to you. You’ve grown to expect personalized service, whether it’s being able to select what options you want in a home to the types of toppings on your ice cream. 

Likewise, you want a relationship with your doctor that doesn’t feel as if they’re rushing off to see the next patient without adequate time for you. You’re looking for better service that’s more personalized. You don’t want to wait an hour in the waiting room anymore. Here are some of the advantages to concierge medicine and the difference it can make in your life. 

Almost unlimited access 24/7

Concierge medicine enables you to get in touch with your physician immediately, whether it’s during regular business hours or at night. You can email your doctor during the day with a question. If you get sick during the evening and have unexplained symptoms, your doctor answers your call. 

With traditional insurance, if you have a problem outside of office hours, you call the doctor and someone takes your information. You receive a call back, but it may be a nurse or another doctor — not your doctor if he isn’t on duty that night. The doctor you reach doesn’t know you, making any type of treatment problematic. 

Same day or next-day appointments

You feel like you’re coming down with the flu. You call and the office can’t see you for three days. What do you do in the meantime? Your condition could go downhill fast, ending with a hospital visit that might have been avoided if you could have been seen right away. 

Concierge medicine means that you almost always get a same-day appointment. That’s important when your condition may deteriorate to the point that you can’t drive yourself to the office. 

Telehealth appointments  

If you can’t drive to your appointment, you’ll be able to have a telehealth appointment with your doctor if you select concierge medicine. They can check out your symptoms and provide options for your treatment. 

If you’re using traditional medicine and can’t drive to the appointment, you’ll need to enlist a friend or family member to drive you, and you may have a long wait time in the office when you get there. 

Your doctor is less rushed and can spend quality time with you

Doctors can reduce patient loads when most of the practice is concierge-based. That means your physician can spend more time with you. 

Being able to spend more time with you means your doctor can get a more holistic view of your life. Knowing more about you, he may be able to spot stressors or symptoms that could lead to health problems. Early diagnosis means better treatment options and more chances for complete recovery. 

Call Urgently Ortho today to learn more about concierge medicine and for expert treatment for  all of your musculoskeletal problems. 

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