Customize your orthopedic care with concierge visits

When you have an unexpected or chronic orthopedic injury, waiting at the doctor’s office or hospital emergency room can take hours of your time. This can lead to stress and more time that you’re in pain. Dr. Leah Brown at Urgently Ortho can decrease this wait time with her concierge medicine and telemedicine plan.

What is a concierge visit?

Concierge visits are a new, faster way for you to see a physician and have dedicated care.  Concierge care can be used whether you have insurance or not.

The average wait for a doctor’s office visit is 24 days. Once you get in, the wait time in the office can often be long, only for you to see the doctor for 10 minutes. Traditional medical care can leave you frustrated and wanting a more personalized plan of care with your doctor.

With concierge medicine, the physician will often charge a monthly or annual fee that’s not covered by insurance. However, this fee gets you a lot of perks, such as:

Orthopedic care and concierge medicine

You may be wondering how orthopedics plays into the concierge medicine. Orthopedic medicine is not just for traumatic falls, fractures, or dislocations. Orthopedics also involves overuse injuries, such as tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, and arthritis. Other conditions that are covered under orthopedics include:

With traditional orthopedic care, you would need to call and make an appointment that most likely would not be the same day. For something more serious, such as a fracture, you would need to go to the emergency department, where you would likely wait hours to be seen by a physician.

Concierge medicine cuts out the hassle. For your orthopedic problem, you call or email our concierge doctor. Our team is available by email, phone, or video chat. You most often get an appointment that same day, along with expedited testing. 

Telemedicine for your orthopedic needs

Telemedicine is included in your concierge medical care. Telemedicine uses today’s technology, such as cell phones, computers, and the internet, to connect you to your doctor quickly and efficiently. This is great if you suffer from chronic orthopedic problems like arthritis and need to see a doctor promptly.

This aspect of concierge medicine is especially convenient because you can have real-time access to your health care provider from the luxury of your own home, or even from out of town if the need arises.  

For example, if you are out of town and injure your knee, you have access to our team over the phone or with a video chat to assess your injury right away.

Telemedicine is great for your busy lifestyle, providing you with remote video consultations and real time assessments and diagnosis. Telemedicine is a cost-effective way to have the doctor’s office come to you.

If you live a busy lifestyle, are suffering from chronic orthopedic injuries or arthritis, and want a quicker, more efficient way of receiving health care, contact our skilled staff at Urgently Ortho or request an appointment online to inquire about our concierge health care today.

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