Are You a Candidate for the Concierge Model of Care?

Are You a Candidate for the Concierge Model of Care?

Wouldn’t it be helpful to have more time with your doctor during appointments? There’s always a rushed feeling to try to remember to ask all your questions in the allotted time. How many times have you forgotten to bring your notes with the list of your concerns? 

Our board-certified physicians at Urgently Ortho in Scottsdale, Arizona, now offer concierge care. For a set annual fee, you have greatly expanded access to the physicians in our practice. 

How does concierge care work? 

You’re familiar with the role of a concierge in a hotel. Perhaps you’ve saved time and money by talking with the concierge to find out the best spots to eat in a new city, how to get deals on attractions, and more. The cost of a concierge when you’re a guest at the hotel is a hidden fee because it’s contained in the price of your hotel per night. 

Concierge health care is based on the same principles. However, if you’re a concierge health care patient, the cost is transparent; you pay an annual or monthly fee. The retainer fee allows  you access to concierge-level services. In addition, Urgently Ortho still accepts insurance payments. 

What types of expanded services do I receive under concierge care? 

You can think of the difference in concierge care compared with regular care as the difference between a high option and a standard health care insurance plan. You receive more coverage with the high option plan, but you also pay more. Following are some key differences between concierge care and regular or standard care. 

Getting an appointment 

How many times have you wished you were able to see your doctor on the day that you call? Most practices may have a two- to three-day wait. Concierge care enables you to see your doctor the same day in most instances, and within 24 hours if you call later in the day.  

Time with your doctor 

The average patient load for a physician in a metropolitan area is around 2,500 patients and can range up to 4,000 patients. Because of the tremendous load, the time spent with each person only averages from eight to 12 minutes. One in four doctors spends less than 12 minutes with each patient. Many individuals are seeking a more personalized approach. 

Concierge care greatly increases the amount of time your doctor can spend with you. The doctor has a reduced patient load and has more time to spend with each patient. The in-person appointments are usually around two to three times longer than regular care allows. Each year, you receive a comprehensive annual physical exam, and your doctor carefully explains all test results and any next steps. 

Type of access to your doctor 

You normally only communicate with your doctor in person in the office. Have you ever been very sick with a flu but had to drive yourself to the doctor’s office to be seen? You don’t want a repeat of that awful experience. 

Under concierge care, you can reach your physician via phone or online without waiting for an in-person visit, saving time and effort, especially if you’re not feeling well. Concierge care enables you to have access to care seven days a week

Email is an easy way to handle follow-up questions after a consultation. If you’re out of town and have a concern, your doctor is available to you long distance, providing consultation, supervision, and other direct patient care.

Call or send a message to Urgently Ortho today to explore the concierge care option for your health care.

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